Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a day


Back at my blogging desk, after Waffle tried to palm me off on someone else I figured I'd better get in the driver's seat.....so to speak. Yesterday was pretty busy, mom had some person at work who was going to give a speech so we were busy running around picking him up and taking him around. Lucky for mom I'm soooooooo cute! Jonah loooooooooved me. He is a writer who talks Washington DC politics but for his next book he wants to write about me - good choice I say I'm going to be a guide dog so that should be a good story (Carrie: Lani I think he means all dogs in general). Here is his dog Cosmo, Cosmo's dad (the writer) is an editor for National Review Online and Cosmo is a regular contributer. I wonder if he gets paid in kibble or in cookies ?

Me and Jonah my new bud, we did lunch. Well he ate, I slept under the table. Eat your heart out Cosmo

He's a goofy guy

So when I got home, I went outside to play with my best bud Waffle. At first it was just friendly banter but things got away from us and the teeth came out and some how my leg got caught in Waffle's mouth and I got u-boo- it wasn't bad I was a big girl and didn't cry.

(Carrie: yeah sure, somebody milked it. I heard a squeal from the back yard and I raced out to see Lani sitting with her right paw up. OMG! She was kind of dazed, sitting there. I was freaked out! I checked her leg, paw and shoulder i moved pressed and prodded- no signs of pain-what!!??? So whats the problem, I figured she had just taken a bad tumble, so I rubbed her tummy and that's when I noticed........

So it's not as bas as it looks, she took the top layer of skin and fur off, nothing too bad it didn't even bleed. the big baby)

So mom asked if I learned my lesson........ I said I'd get back to her when Waffle and I were done playing.

Waffle and I ended the evening in a truce - I let her have the kennel (Carrie: yeah right)

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Emily and Suede said...

Sounds like a great day Lani! I hope you and Waffle work it out soon, can't be having these deathly injuries ;)