Wednesday, July 2, 2008

camp photos

Been busy at camp and not really thinking about photos. At the all camp BBQ I finally remembered to snap some pics. So far so good, Lani's had a lot of fun hanging with the staff and doing lots of talks about what it is like to be a guide dog in training. Also bc our cabin is next to the infirmary we often get to spend time with homesick campers, I think she can empathize, she really really really misses her dog pal Waffle. When we got home for break Waffle gave me a quick lick, Lani gave mom quick wag and they were all over each other like black lab fur on a white shirt. I underestimated just how much they love each other. Mom said Waffle kind of mopped around not really interested in anything at least Lani had all the camp activities to keep her occupied.
I guess I now know my place, I'm expendable I mean anyone with thumbs can put down the kibble.


Elizabeth and Alana said...

The photos are beautiful. Looks like you and Lani are having some good fun.

Kelsey and Spike said...

Pretty pictures! It looks/sounds like a lot of fun!

Lani said...

we are having a blast, next week i get to meet the big dogs and learn how to canoe! they even have a life jacket just for me!
I'll post pics later