Saturday, June 21, 2008


By Lani
Me and my person are up at this place called 'camp'. It smells incredible! and there is always something happening. I've walked all over down to the lake and over to the meadow, and later I'm going to visit the horses, not sure what they are, but Waffle said they are like really big dogs, who need really big blue bags to clean up after themselves. We had a cook out (but some how I missed out on all the food!) and camp fire where I learned to sing lots of songs it was dark when it ended and I got my first golf cart ride back to our cabin, cuz Carrie said I was just the right size for Felix the Mountian Lion's dinner. I'm not sure I like that thought
I have lots of people friends who come and visit me during the day while I am 'working' ie sleeping in my room. My person said I have to be good while she is working, but being good is really boring. So I made my own fun. I figured out how to open my kennel, the closet door and where to find the tasty-est shoes. eerrrr that's where things went wrong. I missed Carrie so I thought I'd open her closet just to smell her, and they I was sleepy so I took her shoe on to my bed, and well it was kind of tasty and.... well now I am on tie down in the infirmary with the nurse people who are not supposed to talk to me or LOCKED in my kennel. Sooo touchy over an old shoe some BFF she is. The up side is that Carrie now walks me for a long time. something about idel paws....
I'll post pic later.

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Elizabeth and Alana said...

Silly Lani! : ) I call Alana Lani a lot. They're both such pretty names.