Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dog is my co-pilot

So people at Target were kind of weird today.

(Caution upcoming Rant)

In fact they were a bit scary. I'm walking in the parking lot and some women says that it is great that I have a dog to help me. hmmmm ok

I walk in and right away another lady about 10 feet away immediately says 'does it bite!?' (cuz you know Lani is just so threatening) I answer 'no' and keep on walking but she follows me and proceeds to tell me 'well I was going to this apartment, and I walked up the walk way, I just wanted to talk to the landlord, and I go up to the fence but there was this big dog barking and jumping, all I wanted was a paper, but the dog spit on me...." by that point I had walked far enough away that she got the point that I really didn't care! That is one of the things I hate about having the dogs in public, the vest seems to make it ok for folks to invade your space. Some days I'm just not in the mood, I just wanted to go in get some toothpaste, a DVD and leave.
Then I was in the video section when this kid runs up to Lani and yells 'no no no no' and makes a move to hug her. I stop him and tell him he needs to ask his mom 1st before he pets strange dogs, but she gets annoyed with me for telling her kid what to do! Ok lady, jsut control your kid then. Lani is well behaved but who wouldn't be freaked if some kid three times your size ran up to you screaming, and if he did that to some other dog on the street, I wouldn't blame the dog for biting.
I want a sticker that says
"My dog is better behaved than your child"
As usual Lani was better behaved than I, she took the whole trip in stride and was gracious and kind to all who stopped to say hello. Maybe I should get a sticker that says
"Dog is my co-pilot"
and follow her lead it might help with my New Year's resolution to be a better person.


Pauline said...

Dog is my co-pilot? That is funny.

OSU 98 said...

I second the need for the sticker that says "My dog is more well behaved than your child" I am quite confident my dog LISTENS better than most children out there.