Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Sum Of Our Parts II

So Eggo thought that it would be funny to switch collars on the pups and see if I would notice. Often when I take both of them out folks often ask if they are twins, and if you remember this post you can see they definitely do look alike but their personalities could not be more different. Waffle is very much the Eeyore, when she was a pup their was a bounce in her step, but I agree with Emily - kennel life is not good for all dogs, when she came home the pup has been replaced with a much more subdued adult. Maybe that is part of maturing, but I miss my bouncy pouncy Tigger pup. Lani is my shiny bright penny. Confident, self assured, with all the joy that young puppies enjoy. All is right in her world...and will always be.

So anyway my first clue was that Lani was lying in Waffle's favorite spot, ummm well ok I guess we are just trying out something new. But Waffle was voraciously chewing away in the family room- again not her style but hey....

about 10 mins later, I'm in my room and in walks Lani she is just sitting there hanging out with me - yet another Waffle habit, but it did not click until I actually reached over to give her a rub. She was downy soft..... wait that's not right, rub, rub wait your Waffle, let me see your eyes, how did you switch collars? am I going crazy? Wait there is one sure fire way to tell.

.........Lani is left pawed and.......................................................... Waffle is right pawed

Here they are together

Mom and Eggo thought it would be funny to see if I could tell who was who, but I know my girls. Go figure that the dogs would have different paw prefernces. But it all makes sense now especially because they each like to lie on different sides.

I knew something was up Lani maybe my baby, but Waffer is my bud - you can't fool me!


Elizabeth and Alana said...

That is kind of funny about the collar-switching thing! The videos were adorable. :) That's neat that they shake with different paws.

Erin,Bubs,Tex and PN4 said...

Oh that is very funny!!!!! Love the videos! Makes me miss my labby girl :((

Erin and the dachshunds

Emily and the Labradors said...

That is too funny! I am going to have nightmares now about my black boys! I already have the (unfounded) fear of accidentally taking Ellis to work one day!

Lani said...

well....during winter intersession (kind of like summer school during winter) Waffle does get to come to work. Waffle is not in Jacket, and i never take her anywhere but to my office or try to pass her off as Lani. She just comes in and hangs out with the students in the lounge.
It is just one of the joys of working on a college campus where a well behaved dog is the least of their worries.