Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Pretty-Pretty Princess Bed

We have a lot of dog beds...

some would say that we have a glut of dog beds. part of the problem is our inability to throw out anything. you know those costco beds only last so long.....plus this winter saw the addition of two more round beauties to our home.

let's see how many to we have. 2 in mom's room, 3 in my room, 1 in the living room and 2 in the family room. oh yeah did I mention we only have two dogs. I used to have just two beds, one in the kennel the other on the floor and both girls would wage nightly mental war to see who could win the bed of her choice. it involved a lot of trickery, brute force and speed. you snooze you lose is a phrase my girls know well.

well some pup who will not be named (think of a breakfast food) decided that just one bed on the floor was just a little too flat for her taste and began jumping up on my bed to spend the night. Which while totally adorable causes unrest with the rest of our animal kingdom. So I pulled one of the beds from another room and stacked the two and dubbed it into the 'pretty-princess bed' and they loved it. now it is hard to tell which they like better the kennel or the princess bed. At one point I actually had two beds in both spaces so things would be equal, but I wanted one of them to sleep in my mom's room so I moved one (of the 4 mind you) out to her room so she could have a pretty princess bed too.

Yesterday I had to lock Lani in the kennel while we went out, I tossed the bed on the stack in my room and unwittingly created the 'pretty-pretty-princess bed' and wouldn't you know it they BOTH started sleeping on it. the thing is like 36 inches of dog bed heaven.

What do you do for your own Pretty Princess or Prince?

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