Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're Back!!

l-r : Tamika, Nisha and Waffle

After a nice long break from blogging, I'm back in the land of DSL. It was kind of nice to disconnect. I was able to read a few blogs but because there was only one computer and 47 people who wanted to use it I kind of opted out of being wired this summer. after a few withdrawal symptoms I was able to move on and enjoy the great outdoors.

So for the 1st time in 3 summers there was no dog at camp this summer :( sadness. Our CRF is from the less is more school, so I was not able to steal a pup for a visit to camp. We all missed the four legged counselor. But the hope is next summer we will be able to have a little fuzz ball back in a staff tie and on the job.

To make up for the lack of dogs, over labor day weekend I agreed to dog sit for a few friends. Waffle's best friend Nisha was with us for a while so that her mom could recover from a little spill she took at funday. Waffle is such a stand offish pup so I'm shocked that she has taken to Nisha. They have had their moments but in the end they really are buds.

Tamika on the other hand..... well not so much. The extent of Waffle's fondness for Nisha became apparent when Tamika came for the long weekend. Let me first say that Tamika is just 5 months old and an only puppy and maybe an only child in her family. She still has a trace of puppy breath and a tiny little tummy. Basically she is a cutie. AND she is brilliant. I was warned about this from her raiser, I guess when she was 4 months old she figured out that the little lever in the fridge door dispenses ice cubes. Not the one on the right, that sent a whole load of water on her, but the other provided nice crunchy cool treats. Smart girl

But Nisha and Tamika don't really play well together. Nisha tends to horde all the toys and being bigger than Tamika ends up with most of the toys. Tamika likes to share her toys and gets up set when Nisha won't play nice. Anyway both girls were wrestling over control of a nyla the usual stuff nothing crazy, but then Waffle jumps in --- not like you think. No we didn't have WWF smack down, growling and barking, Waffle starts to lecture them- no lie. As they move around the room so does she growling barking, never stepping into the fight, just voicing her opinion. I'm in her mind she was in the fight. We think she was sticking up for Nisha - her dog - but at first it looked like she was lecturing both of them. Sorry I didn't have my camera it was really funny.

Here is Waffle, tired of the two girls, hiding on the sofa.


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Welcome back, Carrie! I missed your sense of humor this summer. Glad you are back to blog land!!

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Yay! Peyton and I have missed you.