Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jedi Mind powers vs Puppy Eyes

Waffle here, hanging out waiting for my daily walk trying to figure out how I can train my BFF to do more things that I want to do. You know like fill my bowl with carrots or to give me more space on my bed (read the bed that Carrie 'thinks' is hers), hold my chew toys and my dream- feed me on command.

I've tried two different methods so far. The first is a hold out from my younger days, the Sad Puppy Eyes. It works like this, wag the tail look at them with sooo much hope and love amp up the wattage and then let it all dim. Drop the tail, let your ears go limp and sad, and this is the important part--- hold that for a good 10 sec. You gotta hold it for maximum affect.

What do you think pretty good huh?

This one is a variation on puppy eyes, you add on a bit of sleepy puppy and you get this.

But some times it is just not enough. So I go with the Jedi Mind Powers, willing BFF to give me what I want. Clear your mind visualize your goal and focus the power of your mind on what you want. Some times I concentrate so hard my lips get all scrunchy. My big sister Tacoma could wake people up out of a dead sleep, just with Jedi Mind power. The peeps said she would get up early and sit and stare at them willing them to wake up and play with her. They said they would feel like someone was staring at them roll over and they'd be nose to nose with Taco Bell herself. A bit freaky. But she really had mind control down to a snap.

I was just a pup when she and I met and I didn't fully appreciate the gems she was passing on to me. I was still costing on adorable cuteness. *sigh* youth is wasted on the young.

Right now, I'm having better luck with puppy eyes, but what works for you my e-puppy-pals. Post your best face on your blogs.

Tell me what you think Jedi mind power or Puppy Eyes

Love Ya,


Lisa and Ellie said...

Ha ha ha ha - I'll keep this post hidden from Ellie. Don't want her learning any additional tricks! She's already pretty gosh darn good at the puppy eyes! :D

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Waffle, Hayden Christiansen's got nothing on you! Cabana's really good at letting me know what she wants, too. She does a quick little prance prance, sit, and then a long STARE at me, then STARE in the direction of whatever it is she wants. I use my own Jedi Mind powers to tell myself, "Ignore her...ignore her...ignore her...oh I give up! I'll give you anything you want, just stop staring at me!"

Brittany said...

Lol, great post!

Hobbs does his own special version of the Jedi Mind powers. He thinks it has something to do with proximity. He will stare, and then scoot a little closer, stare and scoot closer.

Patriot has the puppy eyes down pat! He can get almost anything he wants by laying on the floor with puppy eyes.

Erin and her Dogs said...

Wow that first picture already has me melting!

Pauline said...

OMG - talk about extreme closeup! That one photo, you can see clear up my nostrils! Yuck!