Friday, September 25, 2009

picture post

Doggy pool party at our leader's house. Nisha our Olympic swimmer about to enjoy a dip in the jacuzzi

Dogs are color blind, but she really loved this blue boat. There was a pink one and she tried to herd both in the pool , but the blue was her choice.
Nisha and Arlo, who really didn't see the allure of the pool

Our newest baby Zeb, he is a Kentucky pup
"must stay awake, can't stop playing...."

Dumbo ummm errr I mean Palmetto another Kentucky Pup. He was a butt at the party so he spent it on tie down.

Waffle and her BFF Nisha

*gasp* could Waffle be showing interest in water?

Waffle: "hell no, I'm just trying to tell Nisha people pee in the pool"

Waffle, Gracie, and Tamika- I think

Hats look familiar?

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