Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Look at my 'big girl' who knew she could be so serious

Eggo, Waffle, Truffie, BFF

The Girls

As is our custom, when Eggo is home, we all bundle off to the mall for pictures. Each pup gets her 'big girl' shot in uniform, the last two have been less formal but all the more lovely. 

The pup doesn't fall far from their mom - silliness runs in the family
These are scans of the original shots, and are not as well balanced - still you can see the challenges with a black and yellow pups. We all look washed out.

The Waffler looking so serious
Sorry to say that Tacoma's pictures didn't really turn out that well, we learned our lesson. Thinking it would be cool if we all matched, Eggo and I wore black to match Taco-bell..... we matched so well, you couldn't see where dog started and people ended. Do'h! plus we chose the dark blue background. Yeah yeah yeah I know rookie mistakes.

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