Sunday, January 16, 2011

So Don't hate us...

Because we have sunshine.....
Today was beautiful, sunny and warm it was summer! So amazing considering just how crazy the weather in the rest of the world has been. Today Truffie got the morning outing and Waffle the afternoon. I took Truffie out to the farmers market and then a walk down Main Street. These photos were taken in front of the AMC movie theater, they have these mosaic thingys that represent the history of Alhambra. I guess Patton lived here.

See I told you I'm the center of the universe.

Sorry I forgot to check who this guy was - but the dog sure is cute!

No Dogs?!! Ha Ha Ha Ha 
Truffie made friends with a little boy and his sister. I have seen them before at the market, both are in wheel chairs and have a CCI dog. Today he came up to me and asked to pet Truffie and we started a conversation about his dog and what she does and it was clear that he loves her. So after chatting he insisted I had to meet his sister who was selling dried apples and then I had to meet his other sister who is also in a chair, and then he wanted me to meet his Grandmother.... by then lucky for me he was out of relatives ;) .... But Truffie took the whole meet and greet in stride, the boy had an electric chair and his sister a manual and she was totally fine, actually other than being polite she kind of was bored with the whole thing. Tacoma loved children and would spend time stalking them in stores, none of my other dogs have shown that much interest in kids since.

All in All it was a nice sunny day, we made friends and spent some time getting those crazy labbie scoots worked out and being thankful that we were warm and dry.

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