Saturday, May 28, 2011

how puppies manage to make to adulthood

Most raisers know that just when the silly fuzz balls are about to be made into a dishrag or a stylish lab foot rest they give us moments like this.

Didn't think she would get out of the house without some humiliation. 

Two words.....FOOD BELLY
moments like this make all the naughtyness fade away. 

Lim-ricky, as I liked to call her wasn't a problem (Waffle may disagree) but just got news that my problem child Tacoma, ate something she shouldn't have. Now as a pup she was a HUGE HUGE HUGE garbage mouth. Stair treads, leashes, shoes, you name it she ate it growing up, at her new home, she ate 1lb of grapes and ended up in the doggie ER with damaged kidneys. I guess last weekend she some how got ahold of some rat poison. She found it in a tube that the city had put out in a drainage ditch. Lucky her people got to her in time and took it away from her. Still there was a call to the vet, (they have him on speed dial) just to make sure she'd be ok, turns out she needed some vitamin K just in case. Still it was a tense night and when her people heard the distinctive 'whoop whoop' everyone's heart dropped......guess what she threw up?

While everyone was worried about the rat poison, she managed to woof down two seed pods from a local tree...... *sigh*
Let me just say she was a really REALLY cute puppy. 


Raiser Erin said...

HAHA! Freya used to have a thing for those things. My dad wasn't the most attentive of persons and they were littered around the University where he works. One day I asked for a ride instead of walking to school and I opened up the backseat and Freya had a treasure trove of those things. There had to have been over 20 just laying in the back seat. It was so funny that I couldn't be frustrated (with either of them).

Mango said...

Oh dear, eat first and ask question later. Sometimes one wonders how they survive.

Mango Momma