Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday

Getting ready for the new baby, by clearing out the old posts. I guess I forgot to actually put this up. It celebrates her 1st birthday, just 10 months late. 

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to ME!

I'm a year old today, that means I'm all grow'd up. Although being a year doesn't feel any different than being 11 months. It's not like the peeps are letting me drive or gamble in Vegas. Speaking of which I'm not even home today. The peeps dropped me off at the sitters while they went off to Mom's class reunion IN LAS VEGAS. Why they couldn't take me I have no clue. I wanted to see the light show and I hear they have all you can eat buffets - wow unlimited kibble - that's my idea of a party!

But on my special day I wanted to share 12 things that I like:
Gardening - who doesn't like puttering around in the flower beds?
Naps in the sun - can't think of a better way to pass the day away
Waffle - even if she tells me fibs and rolls me in the dirt, I think she's the bee's knees
Kibble - need I say more
My Chewies- mmmm nyla wishbones are my favorite (hint hint)
My tail - it's my happy meter, the faster it goes the happier I am
Mom - my human mom is my best pal, she makes me feel warm and safe
BFF - she takes me places, rubs my ears and laughs when I do my somersaults
The Febreze bottle, because it is proof that I am growing up!
My sister Pudding, because she doesn't live here, and I have fun pretending I can't hear her when she calls up on the phone
Walks, otherwise known as going O-U-T (the peeps think I can't spell)
Writing this blog - people need to know what I'm doing. 

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