Wednesday, October 19, 2011

College Girl

A picture of the college girl hard at work. Truf has settled in well, she and her partners have been learning about each other and their new living space. Truffie hates the rain and tried pulling Ashley to the 1st available classroom, whether it was the right one or not! She apparently likes the boys and has been caught sniffing and making eyes and a few young men. Being a true So. Cal girl she even snuggles under the covers on nights when the floor is too cold! She even got into a bit of a tussel - sassy girl that she is. Actually it wasn't her fault, she and Ashley were leaving the music building when the marching band came rushing in, some jerk knocked over Truffie, didn't even notice it until Ashley dropped her stuff to check on the pup. He said 'oh sh--' and walked on. Truf bounced back with a kiss and a wag and the pair went on their way. That's my girl, now only next time let's hope she manages to take a bite out the next jerk who tries that.

all in all loving that her partner are having a great time in college. All I ever wanted for Truff was to have a great life and it looks like she has got it.

ps - the growths in her mouth, well the vet has no idea what they are, not cancerous so now it is just let's keep an eye on it - type of thing.

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