Monday, October 31, 2011

My trip to the pumpkin patch

Bamboo outside of Trader Joe's pumpkin display
Well for all you country folk and your quaint pumpkin patches, corn mazes and hay rides, we here in the city do things a little differently.  

Close up of Bamboo sitting next to a pile of pumpkins
Our pumpkin patches are a bit different no dirt, corn or hay here, just a lot of people food on display. It  might have been a food museum, because everything was on display and BFF told me to keep my nose, paws and tongue to myself.
Bamboo in the front seat of a shopping cart, with head down looking very board
I was looking for the signs that pointed me to the corn maze, and all I found was frozen food

Bamboo sitting in the front of the shopping basket watching the checker scan our groceries 
In the end I did get a ride of sorts, and tooling around the museum in my shopping cart I got lots of love. Funny though how my trip to the pumpkin patch really reminds me of my trips to the store.

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