Monday, October 17, 2011

Jody and the Happiest Place on Earth

Jody, yellow lab, sitting in front of a large (30ft) carved pumpkin
So just before we got our newest pup, we did a round of dog sitting. Jody was our last and oldest puppy victim sitee. Because she had just turned one,we scooped her off to a mid-week Disneyland visit. Such a sweet girl, too nice to tell us to buzz off with the pictures, of which we took plenty. We walked around rode the train, had lunch and just soaked up the sights and sounds.

She was also not too impressed with the happiest place on earth. No pleasing everyone. But still it was a great training day with lots of sights (what in the world is that huge stuffed thing?) and smells (cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs! Oh My!) and new experiences.


Jody sitting in front of a pumpkin carved with a Winnie the Pooh head

Jody in her Halloween collar sitting outside of the Service dog revealing area.

We just used to boost the pups over the fence of the planters on main street. But this neat area is right next to 'It's a small world"
    I guess Disney corned the market on the 'Z' Litter
Jody infront of the Disney K-9 unit mobile   

Jody laying on a planter ledge resting her head on my mom's lap. why blogger won't let me flip it is anyone's guess
Working as a PIT is hard work, after an exhausting afternoon being cute, Ms. Jo Jo needed her afternoon nap. All in all a great day out. She needs to get used to crowds, but who wouldn't be scared of screaming toddlers and six feet tall stuffed dogs but excellent control and No garbage mouthing! GOOD DOG Jody!

Limerick turns one in the spring, can't wait.

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Denise said...

There are 4 relieving areas now in Disneyland now.
1. Hub on the right side by Pixie Hallow
2. Fantasyland It's a Small world
3. Frontierland trail right side by Cast member gate entrance to Fantasyland
4. New Orleans Square court yard by fountain in front of Haunted mansion closes planter to train station handicap entrance/ exit.

I don't like Frontierland one to small and has a service box in the middle. it the same way for the one in Bug's land in DCA