Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Things She Ate

Ok- Waffle is actually quite tame in terms of garbage mouth behavior. Compared to our last pup Tacoma, she is actually and angel. Tacoma would take a bite out of anything just to see what it tasted like. She was the one who ate half of her bed and followed it with a paper clip chaser. All of which came to light at GDB's funday where she had to have emergency surgury to remove her bed and clip. Friends of mine were actually going through the vet clinic tour where they were telling visitors "our vet is normally here but he had to take a pup in for emergency surgury- look here are her films (flash to taco's x-rays) this is why you should pick up paper clips off the floor" One day I hope to get copies of the films.

Waffle on the other hand just likes to chew things to chew them, she really never swallows - just chews, we will find small piles of what ever she has chewed up. We caught her chewing on an envelope with a $100 bill in it. I can hear it now...she is a lab what do you expect.

Well as you know Waffle is fighting her hormones so of late the chewing behavior has been getting out of hand. This morning I found her outside chewing on something crunchy. Well this is what I found. It's really not that big, about the size of a 50 cent piece. Kind of grosssssss

And then today she is walking around chewing and bobbing her head so we knew she was eating something else. I guess the minty fresh breath should have been a dead give away but this is what I fished out of her mouth.

While we are on what she ate, this was the state of the Waffler's bed.

And this summer the state of my comforter cover. So while my angel may have a sweet heart her breath stinks.

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