Sunday, September 16, 2007

More pictures

What can be more fun than a new dog picture? Two or more pictures for sure!

These are actually some of my favorite pictures of my big sis Tacoma. One I think is funny, is one where she just woke up. She looks very disgruntled here, yes?

This one we like, because she looks possessed. Really, she is just pissed because she is on one side of the fence and everything interesting is on the other side. We call this pic Evileen. Look at those eyes and claws! Scary!

This is kind of a before and after look for the Taco Bell herself. The one on the right is her about 4 months and the one on the right is just before her recall date about 16 months. While she may have gotten bigger, the attitude never went away. She was just holding it in for this photo.

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