Friday, March 20, 2009

BDOC (Big Dog On Campus)

My BFF took me to work for the last time, it was some sort of staff day so I got to see most of my friends. As usual I get lots of lovin' from all my friends. You could say I'm the Big Dog on Campus - well I'm the only dog on campus but my friends say I rock their world.

Me and the Sound Tech guy

ohh scratch right there....

isn't he a cutie, but he is seeing someone

This is the bank lady, my BFF gets the money to buy my toys and kibble from her. When I go to the bank, I bark so they know to get the check ready!

She orders books for the student bookstore, I visit her and she shows me pictures of her pups Roxy and Flo

This is the other book lady, I visit both of them all the time, they are my best friends on campus

Ooooo you're pretty cute for a human too!
***sniff*** I'm going to miss them, but I'm off to dog school soon, hope I find some nice people up there.


Madison and Andros said...

Glad you got to visit all your friends!

Emily and the Labradors said...

Good luck Lani! I'm sure all your friends will miss you, but they are going to be so proud of you too!