Monday, March 30, 2009

Day in the Life....

Following on Fullerton's lead, here is our version of a day in the life, except it's the last day I had with Lani. I was pretty busy with my cousin was in town for a week, and then I was getting ready for a business trip to Washington DC - so blogging time was limited. So my last chance was this day to record what we did.

Here are the girls jumping on the bed to wake me up! I still had to pack, and get to work to put some stuff together. I wanted to spend time with Lani lu before we both went our separate ways.

So after I kicked everyone off the bed, the girls decided to run around and chew their bonies until breakfast.

It was a nice day so after breakfast the pups where outside sunning themselves. I was trying to air out the dog beds and they found them quite the nice place to lay

Lani - I think she knew something was up, I was packing and she figured I was going. Not sure if she knew she was leaving.

Waffle on the other hand, knew what was up and apparently couldn't wait for the little squirt to clear out.

Lani enjoying her last detergent bottle

Packing them in the car for the ride to work. I was getting dropped off at work and Lani at the dog sitters.

Saying good bye

my baby

Until the very end still fighting over who gets to sit where.

kind of an abbreviated day in the life, I took off by noon and Lani went off to someone else. Not really an average day, packing and running around, but it was what we had. I like the idea of really thinking what we do with the pups during our day, some days we take a lot of things for granted. We did more stuff, but I forgot to take pictures- again taking things for granted.

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