Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remember this pup?

Well it's been just over a year since she arrived, we'd been dogless for 8 weeks and it looked like Waffle would be making guide dogs a career- so we agreed to bring Lani into our family.
Time rolls on and our time with our pups is short, Lani is on the March recall.
my baby is going off to college. My leader had told me that she was not on the recall list and I should expect her to go in May. Well surprise, surprise she was wrong. The communication between me and my leader is spotty to say the least.
Making things worse, I will be in DC for work and won't be able to take her to the truck. My mom is not sure she can take her alone at night, so someone from the club will be taking her.
Our time with her is short and limited, she went into heat last week. :(
Actually it is a funny story, at our meeting, Scotch a 12yr old retired guide was there. He kept following my girl around and trying to mount her. I'm like 'dude you're a dirty old man - stay away from my girl' we thought it was just a matter of him claiming dominance, well never question the wisdom of the ages, the next day she was in heat.
So on the 19th when she is out of heat, we plan on running her over the D-land to get her silhouette cut, we've done this with all of our dogs, it's a nice memory, that night I catch the red eye to DC and when I get home, Waffle will be an only child once again.


Megan and Fullerton said...

Oh dear, that is too soon! Sorry you wont be able to put her on the truck, but good luck to Lani. She will do great IFT!

Emily, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

O no!! Good luck to Lani IFT! Enjoy the rest of your time with her!

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Good luck, Lani! It's so hard not to be by their side when they go back. :( I prefer better closure. I'm sure she'll do great and make all of her blogger friends proud.