Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy "Bring your dog to work" day!

So I snuck Waffle in to work with me today. She has an ear infection and I wanted her to see the vet but ran out of time to get her back home before Ihad to go to work so I just took her with. The only person who would say anything would be my boss, and he's not around all that much. Waht I forget is just how appealing a certain black lab can be on people......people who kept yelling 'PUPPY!' (***shusssshhhh**** slapping head!)

The picture above is sadly not my work place, but about 5 mins away, if you remember the big wildfire that raged in the hills above LA (yeah I know which one) the one that went on for like three weeks. Well this is just down stream from the area that was vvery badly burned. Now they are worried about flash floods, so who knows if this spot will be here at the end of winter. Waffle and I feel lucky to have enjoyed it one sunny afternoon.

lots of laughs when I checked Facebook and found this posting from Ed Robinson of Barenaked Ladies. Enjoy

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Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

Lol. Sounds like Waffle had a good time "on the job"!!! =D