Saturday, October 31, 2009

howl-een day

So Waffle and I went to Long Beach's Howln'ween day parade. Lots of cute pups and even stranger people. Waffle being a dignified former PIT chose just to be a pet black lab. She did a real good job of it too.

So this was the best costume of the day. Or is it just a hoax?

This guy should have been a 'bagel' he is a basset/beagle mix, instead he is a a pices of sushi
a gagle or is a pack of chickens

Where's the road runner?

Best use of a snuggie

only a dog that a mommy could love


Lauren and Don said...

Wow! What creative costumes. Hope you have a happy Halloween!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Oh my gosh, those people went all out!!