Monday, October 26, 2009

Melli's a Mommie

If you remember Ms Melody we just got word that she had her pups two days early. Everyone was very worried because they though she was going into early labor. I guess they can't survive if they are more than 48 hours pre-term. They thought she had gone into labor on Monday, and they needed her to hold out until Sat. She lad lost her 1st litter. They don't know what happened, her keepers left her at Guide Dogs for the weekend while they were away. a few days after they picked her up they though she was acting funny and an ultra sound found out the pups were gone. No one knows what happened, she was fairly far along too, there was no evidence she had the pups it was just a mystery.

But happier news is that she had 7 pups, 2 each of the girls, and 3 yellow boys. Two are on the small side and are being monitored but big congrats to Ms. Meli

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Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

I tried to get a photo of Lani when I was at GDB yesterday. But when I went to the breeding office, Lani and her keeper weren't there. I'll try again next time, IF and WHEN Cabana goes into season and needs to be dropped off at the kennels!