Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Do you remember this pup's 1st day of work.

Such a chunky monkey

Who was a right shoulder girl!

With huge paws

'honest, I don't know how it got it my mouth'

And who could forget this belly

Ms. Lani Lu - before

Lani Lu - After (look at that belly now)

Wow what happened to my svelte little girl

look and that baby bump! or bumps actually. Her short little legs doesn't leave her much clearance. I wonder if she will get much bigger. Her people say she has gained 16 lbs, how much more can she go?
love you Lani Lu!

9 days and counting.

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Emily and the Labradors said...

Wow Lani! Like all pregnant ladies, you look beautiful! I hope you have an easy delivery and healthy pups (including a little yellow girl for Carrie!)!