Friday, November 13, 2009

Not yet

Well I just got off the phone with Carol and she has been peeping at Lani in the monitor. She was panting earlier in the day, but has now settled down and is resting. So technically I guess that is part of pre-labor. I think she is just resting up for the big event. Most dogs I am told will wait 'till the dead of night before they actually give birth, so I hope that tonight is he night.

I guess if she doesn't progress anymore tonight they will strap on a belly monitor and watch her like they do pregnant women in the hospital. So hopefully I'll get a phone call in the mid-morning with the news.

Carol says she is doing fine. as she has progressed closer and closer to her due date, what I feared has come true...... she ran out of leg space! LOL I shouldn't laugh, but her short little legs did not offer enough clearance for her boobies, so when she squats to potty they drag in the cold grass - not a happy camper! Chalk it up to the sacrifices mommies make for their children.


Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

Lol, poor Lani dearest! Oh the pains of motherhood... =P

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Can't wait to hear more news!