Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shopping with Nisha

So when Nisha was here I took advantage of having a PIT and took her out with me. I had a volunteer gig in Santa Monica so we went on down to Third Street which is an open air mall. Lots of other dogs, food on the ground, and street musicians. Lots of fun! I made it a point to take her to a few really really really smelly places.

We went to one of my favorite bath shops Lush 1st saw it when I was in London on vacation several years ago. They came to LA and I've been a happy shopper ever since. The only draw back is that like most bath shops it has a very strong sent. I can't shop very long in there before I'm over come. I just wanted to walk her to the door to see how she did (the smell wafts out the door and down the street) she was fine , so I walked her in and took a quick look around. I was thinking about these bath bombs and looking at some handmade soap.

Didn't want to stick around too long so we took a few quick pictures and were out the door

We took a little break outside so she could watch other dogs passing by and listen to the street musician before we headed out to my other favorite store Penzy's Spice Store
I found them when visiting my sister in St. Paul, and lucky for me we had a shop open not too far away. Again a smelly store, but to me not an offensive one. The spices are strong but they just smell yummy to me I could (and have) spend mucho dinero and time in there, today I was on a budget and the parking meter was running, so I just picked up a few things and was out the door.

She handled the whole shopping trip like a like a pro. Much different than back in the spring when I took her shopping, she always has been good in stores, it is just getting there that was the problem. She didn't like all the walking that we did. This time around a few weeks shy of 1 year walking around was not a problem. Like most PIT's when she is in jacket and working she is a pro, never a problem such a good girl. It is just when she blows off steam that you need to hold on to your hat. Let's just say that Waffle can handle about a weekend of Nisha before she retreats to her corner of the sofa and buries her head in the pillows. Nisha's off button is sometimes hard to find.

But we love her and she will be back for another sleep over and a shopping date before she goes off to college.

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