Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting ready to leave oakland airport

San Quintin prison you pass it on the way up to GDB

Adorable cuteness

Truffle in Waffle's big girl collar! she has a lot of growing to do! We are working on sleeping through the night, she has terrible crate manners, her squeals can only be herd by bats. We are getting better about eating, but right now she seems to be running through a bit of tummy trouble. So next couple of meals will be easy to eat rice and cottage cheese.

and my Lani Bonnie herself. She remembered me! But.... not sure what I was hoping for except that she would be happy to see me. She ran to me and snuggle down in my lap for a belly rub. Unlike Waffle who was so put out that she took two weeks to come out of her sulk, she totally accepted me "hi howa ya doin' - love you meet my new friend" it was just like normal. I was a bit upset by just how glib she was - but then I realized that was Lani. She is a joyful dog. A happy optimist - her bowl will always be half full of kibble and I guess that is why she can go from home, to school, to a new family, being a mommy, and back to her family and she does it with such joy. My girl - your loved by all who know you - miss you

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I know what you mean about being disappointed that Lani's world doesn't start and end with you! Cabana is the same way, just happy with whoever, wherever. I know it's a good trait, as we don't want them pining away for us. But still, you want them to pine at least a little it!

I'm glad you got to see your sweetie, though, and that she definitely recognized you and was happy to see you.