Sunday, January 31, 2010

What We've Been up to

Well things have been busy here at the Waffle house. Detente seems to be our current theme, Waffle has decided that she enjoys beating up on the puppy enough to allow her in her house. Outside Waffle rules the roost and definitely schools the pup in the art of dog wrestling, in the house she allows the pup to chew on her waggle -- up to a point. Waffle can fit Truf's head in her mouth. When the baby's head is wet we know Waffle has reached her limit.

Today we took both girls out to the pet store to pick up a few things. We had coupons, I was looking for some conditioner for Waffle, and we ended up with a lot more. one of which was this free little squeeky orange man. Waffle knew it was her's and was all over me until I gave it to her. As you can tell by her devil dog look.

Much more respectable.

Truf is the 4th dog we've raised and we've used all sorts of methods to slow down the inhalation of kibble- water, rocks, feeding in stages, but finally broke down and bought the special bowl. Hope this works or for sure it is going back. There were other cheaper versions but they were plastic and our pups are supposed to eat out of metal- which was 3 times as much as the plastic bowl, so like I said if it doesn't work it is goin' back. So as so many of you know you walk into the pet store for 1 thing that you have coupon for and well $60 later out we go. But we got a free toy !!!

"no pictures I'm in my jammies"
But here's what you've all been waiting for the adorable cuteness. When Truffle 1st came home I pu her in the open kennel with just a few folded towels, well she woke me up every two hours needing to go outside to pee. That in itself blew me away. Most of my other pups all managed 4 or 5 hours from the moment they came home. But I figured she's a squirt, all pups are different, it's a new place ect.... So I didn't think anything of it, until I sat on the floor one night and realized just how cold and drafty it is. So I covered her kennel to block the draft and made it a point to try and wrap her up before she went to sleep. The 1st night I did, she made it 4 hours! SCORE. The challenge with her is that she is a squirmy-wormy who likes to sleep on top of the covers, not under them. But here are a few pictures from her bedtime ritual.

"Come on - no one wants to see this"

"Fine if you insist"

So the pup is kind of smelly, she is an inny - just like her mom, the difference is that Lani kept herself clean. This little one not so much-we've bought some wipes to help her out. Folks keep asking me about the difference between the black and yellow labs, and so far Truf has not started shedding but because she is such a light color, you can really see the dirt.

Her 1st bath, not sure how much she liked it, but it is much easier to bath a 15 lb pup than a 55lb adult. One towel and we were done. Yeah

so here we are now tired from our outting and blogging. Good nite!


Erin and her Dogs said...

lol too cute! Pompei had some crate issues at first..except his were pottying in the crate. So I put a bed in there and that took care of it for the most part..

Anna said...

Ahhh hahahahaha I love baby puppies! Man.....Too CUTE