Thursday, January 21, 2010

my 2nd outting by truffle

Tonight was my 1st outing with BFF. After dinner she put my brand new guide dog jacket on and grabbed a blanket- wrapped me up like a burrito and off we went to the market. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to practice being a guide dog when she never let me walk! she put me and the blanket in the cart and pushed me all over the store. I met a few nice folks, but it was kind of dead, we bought some round white things, a big block of something yellow, and some red stuff in a jar, and before long I was out the door and in the car. BFF was silly taking pictures of me at the market but I guess since it was our 1st I'm darn cute

This really was my 2nd outing. Over the weekend I went to sleep over at Zeb and Tabasco's house. They are both my brothers.... no I mean really my brothers, we are all Kentucky pups, anyway they were way cool to me. We ran and played, played and ran, ran and ran, and played and played - it was like totally awesome dude! And that was just the first two hours I was there! I got to stay until Sun. Afternoon. Sunday morning I went to a place called church, it was ok I don't remember much, I kind of slept through most of it. But I'm confused now am I Lutheran or Labrador?

After I got to go to the country club for lunch but darn it I fell asleep there too! When I got home I played with the boys for a while until the nice lady said something about boys needing a break and they put me in the kennel. I was going to complain, but I got side tracked by my nap. I was so tired I slept all afternoon and evening. The peeps had a hard time waking me up!

It's not really fair that they have that darn camera around ALL the time. Hey not everyone looks good just when they wake up. (Carrie: That was actually are 2nd attempt at getting her up! It took us three tries to get her going)

So things are rolling along smoothly here, I'm still struggling with a bit of tummy trouble but I won't share too much--TMI ya' know. But hey do you other pups find that your people are really easily amused? Every-time I go outside to potty they cheer and clap --- so strange.

oh well, I need to get going and spend some quality time tormenting that black dog that lives here, this morning I tried to bite her toes! he he you should have seen how high she jumped!

gotta go


Erin and her Dogs said...

Oh Truffy I think you were pretty grumpy about being woke up!!! Pompei doesn't like to woke up for potty time either!

Anna said...

You are the cutest thing Truffle! But I'm sure you hear that all the time :)

OSU 98 said...

This photo of a small, sleeping baby puppy is encouraging. :)

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

You look soo adorable!