Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Humans make the decisions.....

By Waffle, the queen bee of all that she surveys

So BFF's leader has been talking about the new pup, and all the adjustments I'd have to make. I've been lodging my protest about bringing yet another squirt into my domain. I mean I am all the pup all that a person needs. I'm lovable, and squishy. I know my commands, I don't pee or pop in the house, I keep their feet warm in the winter and am just all around perfect.... the Music Center Called and asked if I wanted to play Mary Poppins on stage because they heard that I was positively perfect (ok that part is kind of a fib, the Music Center never called but I am perfect) what more could you ask for?

Well my group leader said humans make the decisions in life.... but if you read Carrie's post about who holds the leash you will have to agree that I make the decisions in the Waffle house. So that does make me human! But some how i was left out of the decision making chain about the new creature in the house. it is yellow and yappy and very leaky, already twice today I've had to show my superior being-ness to it - I barked at it from across the room. That showed it! I'm not even sure it is a dog! I think it is an alien come to suck human brains and cook them with kibble. I keep warning my BFF and my Mom (by the way I might be in the market for a new BFF, it this puppy thing keeps up I might have to de-friend her from my FB account) but it might be too late, I think it got to mom, who has been walking around cooing at the dammed thing. BFF even got up in the middle of the night during a rain storm to let it pee. I tell you brain gone to mush.

They keep calling it my new sister and trying to lure me with liver treats (aka doggy crack) on the same dog bed, like that's ever going to happen. Anyone know where I can get a helmet?

wags and licks


Heather and Ellie said...

Oh, poor Waffle.....
Hopefully you two will become good friends!

Erin and her Dogs said...

Waffle you will love her/him...err, well ask Texas,he doesn't like those tiny invaders either!

OSU 98 said...

Dear Waffle,

Listen sister, I understand your plight. I have just recently been allowed to pee and poop without a leash, and mom is keeping Scott's border collie to run in agility while my knee gets better. He does go in a crate at night, but is obssessed with the cat and she doesn't like him.

To make matters worse, mom got an email about a lab litter that will be here on 2/14...and is thinking of getting me a little sister or brother. Um, you, I am all the pup a human needs. What is wrong with our humans?

Anyway, call me anytime to vent. I understand your plight my sister, we females black labbies need to stick together.

Lots of love,