Monday, February 8, 2010

Living Well is....

is the best revenge a pet can have- by Waffle

Chelsie Belle- sorry to hear that you have been having so many problems with BC dog. So far the yellow dog is small enough for me to push around. She used to spook me out with her, little yappy-ness, but so far with a little prodding I have been able to train her up into a pretty good tag player. She still isn't my best-est friend, but she is a passable squeaky toy. BUT the best thing about being a pet is that I get to live the high life. Today I got to sleep in the sun while the yellow dog had to go to the bad place....i.e. the dog doctor. HA! TAKE THAT YELLOW DOG ! hope you like getting your 12 week shots, oooooooo and don't forget they take your temp too. waaaaaa haaa haaaa haaaa

I think you need to remind your mom who was here 1st. Just because she wants to play shouldn't mean that you get tossed to the side. seeeessshhhhhhsss, I mean you where there first, you never tell her she looks fat in those pants and that she really should lay off the garlic. Who warms her toes in the winter? Not BC... besides you loved her 1st and that means something. Until you came along her days where dull and grey. As a last resort I always fall back onto puppy eyes, mope around the house for a few days, refuse to give out kisses and maybe something good will come your way. It works look what I got today. mmmm trader joe liver treats.
(Carrie: hey I'm butting in here, these were the cheapest I've found at 2.50 for 2ounces! what a deal)
This is what BFF got as her treat. a bottle of wine and some bread, (not just bread, but butter croissant, I mean there is nothing other than butter and well croissant mmmmmm butter)

And if liver treats were not enough I got a new toy! Life is good.
(Carrie: well now Waffle let's not tell fibs, that toy is for Truffle, it is impossible to find soft toys that don't have squeakies in there, a GDB no no for pups. So Truffle gets to play with softies that Waffle has already killed. It is 100% wool, all organic, and recyclable - hell who cares it is SQUEAKY free! I could have been 10 bucks and I'd still buy it. And Truffle loves it, it is stuffed with something that rustles and crunches when she chews it and best of all she got to have it first - I gave it her in the car on the way home from the vet and Trader Joes. Not a hand me down from the Waffler.)

I'm using the in your face method right now with BFF, I really want a walk before the rain starts. I hope I can visit my friends down at the park. Maybe if I drool on her she'll get the point.
gotta run, love and liver treats

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OSU 98 said...

Waffle -

Thanks for the advice. Right now, I a laying next to my mom on the couch, it is snowing here and she decided to work at home. Thankfully, she did give us the PB kongs she put in the freezer last night, so at least she got that right. Hopefully, she doesn't make me lay next to her all day and cuddle....but she said the main reason she stayed home was because she has a hair appt at 6 and with the weather, it would have been nearly impossible to get home to feed, water and potty us before having her appt...wasn't that nice of her.

I will let you know how I am doing.

The slighted first pet,