Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dog Meeting

So our club is not really one for exciting outings, we usually get together walk around and eat-kind of dull. This Sat. we went to our 1st fire station. Yeah! the pups got to see the rig, see the lights and sirens (Truffle was a block a way whe the sirens went off) We snapped lots of cute pictures and then I hear this whistling sound and around the corner comes a firefighter in full turn out gear! Cool Beans all the pups got to see and meet this strange sight. Everyone did well and it was really fun getting to talk with the firefighters and look at the truck!

The only time her little paws touched the ground. She is still not legal, so I had to carry her around. I should have passed her off to the figherfighters to haul around. She is 20.4 lbs

Aaaaawwwww it's naughty Nisha - just kidding, we've now come to an understanding about whose the boss and will be taking her back to Disneyland before her recall in March. She is one of the oldest pups in our group but she is such a skinny minnie!

Tamika getting up close and personal with the firefighter, bummed her jacket did not turn out, always on the lookout for calender pics. btw can you believe GDB sold out of calendars before I could get one.

Truffle and a human pup

A big thanks to the Temple City Firestation, and Truck 47!

While the big kids practiced crossing a 4 lane street, I puppy sat those not old enough to participate.
I worry that Truffle will think being a guide dog means you get carried around! Even though she didn't do any walking, she was wiped out! Here she is passed out in the car. We had the AC running, it was close to 80! Loved it! 1st time for shorts in months! It has been beautiful (if a bit hot) day.


Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Looks like a pawesome meeting!

Toby has a fire truck/police car meeting next month:)

Toby's Raiser

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

That Truffle--what an absolute cutie. I love that furrowed brow.