Wednesday, February 3, 2010

working like a dog

I'm all over this wrapping biz

Tape Please

This is kind of hard when you don't have any thumbs

Have you seen the blue bow?

Least you all think that I'm just another pretty face, here are some pictures from this Christmas. Without me the Christmas Cheer would have been less cheery. I had to help wrap presents and you know how most people like to reuse the bows, well I had to help collect those too.

I did some shopping, well I think I did, the present for mom said 'from your favorite daughter' and that's me! All in all the peeps had me working like dog.... posing for pictures, take the peeps out for walks, wrapping presents, keepin' toes warm whewwwww and now I'm busy puppy sitting I guess it is true a dogs work is never done.

how hard do your peeps work you?

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OSU 98 said...

Dear Waffle,

So, for 4 mos now, I have been standing and sitting and sitting a standing more times than you can imagine. Usually, there is a treat involved, but SHEESH..I know how to sit, stay and come - I have been doing it all my life. But no..I must do it 50 times a day, at least. Mom says that I need to build my muscle in my hurt leg, but I don't think I need to sit and stand 50 times a day...but I guess that is what she has been told I have to do. At least I got a walk when she got home tonight...she has been told to do that too, but she says it is too cold. What a wimp. (mom disagrees with this statement)

This past weekend, I was forced to watch the obnoxious BC do agility while I had to wait in my crate. AS IF that were not enough, the obnoxious one got really obnoxious and ahem, marked my empty food bowl at grandma's house while mom was out of town this week. Twice, as a matter of fact. Mom did not believe gramma at first, but when he did it again...gramma took a picture and sent it to mom and said "I told you so". Hopefully, squishy toy does not pee in your food bowl.

So you see my sister, I feel your pain...what on this earth is wrong with our peeps????

Sticking together in firstborn black lab sisterhood,

Chelsie Belle