Friday, February 26, 2010

send a sweater

Dear mom

I miss you. Darn I think these people are on to me, so far my opportunities for fun have been very limited. They have me on a very short leash - really I'm on tie down. The only time they let me off solitary was to run around in the back yard, eat dinner, play with the squirt, chew on Waffle's squishy toys, and get furminated - other than that I've been forced to spend time sleeping on the dog bed it seems like this forced imprisonment will never end. *sigh*

If you can please send a pair of bolt cutters you can wrap them in a sweater, I need one after being furminated. Shessh any more fur and I'd be naked. The pups here seem pretty cool. The little yellow one and I played leap frog in the car on the way home from Tabasco's house, and the other black dog and I ran around the backyard. We took the game inside when it got dark but the people shouted 'time out' just as the game was gettin' good, Carrie muttered something about a 'furricane'. The yellow dog went into the kennel, and I got put on the tie down. That other black dog, got to wander around and eventually fell asleep on the sofa. Why can't I sleep on the sofa? Maybe we can try it when I get home.

Well I'm off to bed, but I wanted to let you know I miss you.




Mimi and CC Cabana said...

No, that's not Tamika's fur?! It looks so brownish when it's off the body. Hard to believe it was once that glossy black coat. And I thought black labs didn't shed as much? Huh?!

mwc said...

My crazy girl looks great after her furmination! My sister "borrowed" my furminator weeks ago before Tamika's coat started falling like leaves in autumn. Thanks for watching her. I miss the nutty girl. It's a very strange feeling to be able to leave my shoes lying around the house.