Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is where she started
and this is where she ended up
So Waffle is a bit of a snob, she enjoys the company of very few people. When she went back to GDB her trainers reported that she had a bit of a 'tude and was very disrespectful  at first and took a while to warm up to Kelly her trainer. When she loves you - you know it, my jaw dropped when I saw her flirt her way onto Krister's lap - something she had never done with anyone before. I should have known then that she was a floozy, to this day she goes all flirty around him.
 She likes Tammy, Me, Mom, Krister, smaller dogs and other black labs, (in that order) everyone else kind of just flies under her radar.
Well expect for, Chibi he belongs to our friend Tammy. From day one Waffle has tried to be his friend. We are not sure where he falls in her list of favorites, but every time he comes over she'll go over to him play bow, wag her tail, sniff him and do her best to entice him to play. 

The problem is that Chibi hates other dogs. Raised with only humans, he is afraid of other dogs and has no idea how to interact with them. He is snappy, rude, and generally does his best to beat her off. But my little floozy just smiles and goes right back to flirting with her boy. I can almost see her thinking 'awww shucks you don't mean that' I think she hopes that she can win him over- but since its been at least twice a month for the past 4 years I'm not holding my breath

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