Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Getty

Living in Los Angeles I get to see a lot of cool things, my mom's cousin's cousin was in town and we took her to see the Getty Villa. It is a million miles away in traffic, so I was very ansy to get out and get museum viewing. I wanted to see all the old roman stuff - I especially had to visit their roman garden - like I said it was a long car ride. It smelled so nice I really enjoyed sniffing the rosemary, thyme and pretty flowers all I which I guess would have been in a traditional roman garden.
Me, my mom and my mom's cousin - cousin
Just to give you an idea of just how big this place is

The sun felt nice, don't I look nice? Oh yeah here is a large water bowl and some pretty statues

I don't want to be a calender girl!

I think I saw a shark in here!

DUCKS! where? over there
maybe over there?
you're not teasing me are you?

Carrie: I just tear up at this picture, she is such a big girl
I fast figured out that this museum was not going to be dog accessible. I mean all the best stuff is hidden way out of my line of site. Everyone is ooooohhhinng and aaaawwwaaaaaing over the gold and paintings all stuff I couldn't see. And let's be real - I'm cute but even I can't compare to priceless ancient artifacts! No one seemed to care that I was on my best behavior I could have been turning somersault and no one would have noticed.

What I saw at the museum
So instead of showing you all the cool sculpture and artwork, I thought I'd show you all the floors I saw.
a nice herring bone pattern
woooo waves
M.C. Escher
finally the best floor picture of the day!

What do you dogs see when you go out?

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