Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jury Duty

By Truffie
Because I'm a big girl now, I get to do big girl things. Like Jury duty, BFF explained that I was going to have to go to court and sit and listen to what people had to say and then if they asked make a decision. Sounds pretty serious to me, but I was totally up for it.
Well up for most of it. We had to leave the house at 6:45! Here I am outside of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and yes the concrete is cold and damp. TAKE THE PICTURE QUICK LADY!

Wait in the hall, don't they know I'm here?

Once we got in things started going sideways (get it? he he - blogger did this all on it's own)
We had to wait for a long long long long time. So long I forgot why we were even there. BFF made me sit under the chair - here I am wearing the yoke of human oppression and looking sad, hoping for someone to come by and save me. BFF was mean and wouldn't let me walk around and talk to people, just because "I'm working" can't I be friendly 

So we sat there for so long they forgot about us, but around 4pm they told us all that we could got home. WOO HOO let's blow this taco stand and get home, I was so tired of being still. On our way to our car we stopped to take a few pictures. This the Lipschitz sculpture at the Music Center, it has this fun fountain that shoots up water around it. 

BFF like's this bc it looks like the fountain is growing out of my head

Evening shot of LA City Hall

This was inside of the Disney concert hall

BFF thought it would be funny if I checked out the gurgling. Do you see what I have to live with?

So jury duty was a big bust, no one asked my opinion at all. If so I would have told them think before you act, wags and kisses go a long way in saying your sorry, share your toys and always take an afternoon nap. I think if we all did these things maybe we wouldn't need things like jury duty. 
But what do I know I'm just a pup.


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

In some ways, it's too bad that BFF didn't get picked for the jury. Jury duty would have been a lot more fun for the 12 humans if Truffle was there!

Stella said...

Ewwww jury duty. Thank goodness I haven't had to do that. Mum takes me to mediations instead which means I have to sit under a table all day. These humans really have boring lives don't they?

Carrie and Waffle said...

Stella I agree, I try to lighten things up and out comes the halti. Sometimes I wonder about them.

Mimi - I think I would have made everyone happy. My sister Tacoma went and the judge kept asking BFF if Tacoma needed a break. They love us - I truly believe if we had thumbs we could rule the world.