Friday, December 24, 2010

why puppies are better than Barbie dolls

So shopping at Target I find this cute little dress. Tried as hard as I could to say no, but it fit and she was too cute in it.

 So I bought it and had a nice time playing dress up with Miss Truffie. Waffle was quite glad she was too big to fit in it. 
So I brought the dress home and we played dress up - which is way better with a lab than a Barbie doll

So from now on friends instead of buying your small friends Barbie dolls, buy them a lab instead. With Labbies you learn leadership, self discipline (that poop won't scoop itself), compassion and responsibility. All things little girls (and boys too) need to learn in life.

Truffie: Enough already!

I wore the dress - where is the hedgehog?
Merry Christmas from the Girls


Mango said...

That dress is adorable! What a patient labragal.

Happy holidays to you.

Mango (and Dexter)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Oh my gosh, I wouldn't have been able to resist that outfit either. It's sooo cute on Truff-truff! But yes, she deserve not 1, not 2, but THREE hedgehogs for being such a good sport!