Friday, December 17, 2010

All I want for x-mas is

A Farting Hedgehog!

at BFF's school, they had a Christmas party for all the Holiday Angel Kids, their moms and dads go to school - and well with the cost of school, food and clothes there is not a lot left over for presents for the human pups. So I said I'd give up my farting hedgehog if one of the pups needed it. BFF said it was ok, it would be better I could just help out at the party and leave the present buying to her. 

 Today I had to go help some student study for their finals. They were soooo stressed out I did my bestest tricks to make them laugh and give them lots of licks and even settled down for a quick snuggle, there were four of them so I had to do some fancy dancing to give everyone some lovin'. For going my afternoon nap I took BFF out shopping for toys for the kiddies, then I had to decorate, and then supervise the sign in all the while looking cute- wheww what a day.

BFF even forgot about me, when they said Santa couldn't find the naughty and nice list. She ran out then came back and put me on a down stay in a corner, while she went to call the North pole for a back up email of the list. I was nervous, my Aunty Becki was sitting there with me but still the room was full of people and some how they all knew my name. "Truffie - Truffie- here Truffie- What a cute puppy!" But I just sat there and waited for BFF, I did break down stay when I saw my pal David, he's just the best hide and seek pal ever! We play hide and seek all the time and when I saw him, I just jumped up and ran to him - then doh! Aunty Becki was yelling at me and I went back to my corner to wait for BFF

My pal 'noopy was there I was posing for pictures when I heard Santa's bells! Gee I hope I look alright, the big guy and I have a few things to chat about. I've been soooo good - well except for that flash light episode and that Cherry Scented marker well isn't there a statute of limitations of bad deeds? I mean I was just a pup . 

Oooohhh shoot I missed him, there were so many pups all gathered around him, I didn't get to say anything to him, but he left a few friends for me to tell my wishes to.

"Dear Santa............." 
Hey somethings gotta stay between a girl and her friend. I did tell him thanks for anything he was going to bring, and really I didn't really even ask for much. I've got a lot of toys, a warm snuggly bed, food in my food bin and my bestest friend Waffle - what more can a girl ask for? (except a farting hedge hog)

Merry Christmas, to all. May your toes and noses be warm, your loved ones be snuggly and your travels be safe. 

love ya 


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Wow, I never realized what a HUGE face Snoopy has before! Truffle, I hope you get a dozen farting hedgehogs from Santa. You deserve them!

Mango said...

A farting hedgehog would do it for me too.


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

WOW, that was so nice of you to offer your farting hedgehog. And, even nicer to help eliviate the stress of finals. You deserve lots of wonderful goodies for Christmas for being such a good puppy!