Tuesday, December 28, 2010


my back yard

who could poop in that?

'are you going to hold the umbrella for us?'
Rain, Rain
Go Away
Come Again
Another Day!

it has rained for the last bijillion years, so long in fact I have grown webbed feet. (carrie: your a lab- you came with web feet!) and before my friends with snow start in on me I'm a LA dog, I'm used to sunscreen and flip flops. BFF keeps pushing me outside to do my business but the backyard is a lake, and the front yard is a little too open for a lady like me.

Do you other PITS go out in the rain? I'm made of sugar and spice, along with a puppy dog tail - so I'm confused. Actually it is a moot point BFF won't hasn't been out in the rain, and when she does, she leaves me home - something about wet dog. Don't know what she is talking about wet human an't all that nice either.

Stay dry my friends


Mango said...

Well, PeeWee doesn't seem bothered by the rain. In fact on walkies he seems to go out of his way to step in EVERY puddle. Me? Not a fan. It is too slippery.

Love those couch spud photos from yesterday. What a cutie.


Cassie and Dagan said...

Dear Truffie,
The trick is to get out, do your thing and scoot back in ASAP! We had a couple mishaps with this rain. I know that breakfast comes after morning relieving. I used to run out, pee and run back in for my eats. Mom would ALWAYS send me back out to poo (meanie!). So, I tried scrambling out, pooping like a rocket and running back to the porch. No go there either :( So, I came up with a new plan: if you do BOTH at the same time, you can speed back in out of the rain! It can be tricky (I was a bit messy with this at first) but, if you get the hunch right, its all good! Try it sometime!


Carrie and Waffle said...


You are very coordinated. And efficient! :-) I don't know if I can do both at the same time, but I'll try!


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Cabana doesn't enjoy going out in the rain either. But she does do better if I go out there WITH her--wet dog and wet human. Our backyard looks a lot like yours. Sigh.