Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girl Scout Meeting

So despite really crappy traffic we made it to the meeting, where Truffie was her adorable cute self. we gave the speal and guess what they wanted to does the blind person know how to pick up the poop? Then we went on to a bunch of questions about how does the dog fly on the what happens if someone has an allergy? are they scared? do they wear seat belts? what the heck, strange children. None the less we enjoyed it.

Today was errand day. Both pups to the vet - Truffie for her booster shots and Waffle for her mani and pedi. I also dropped off some pants to be hemmed, filled the tank, got my oil changed, picked up stuff at costco and target and picked up stuff to make weave poles for Waffle. I'll post pictures of the process later.

Oh if any one feeds Science Diet Lamb and rice I have a bunch of coupons from the Girls Scouts, leave me a comment with your address (I am comment moderation on) I will be glad to send a few your way.

enjoy your weekend.


Raiser Erin said...

everyone always asks how do blind people pick up the poop. LOL! :)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

What else would they want to know? Those are definitely the things I'd want to know if I were a kid!