Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm having a light snack.....

This weekend BFF took me back to camp. I forgot how much fun it could be. My good bud Petri was there and I got to spend a lot of time just hanging out. BFF was cooking so I had to sit in the breezway and watch and smell all the good things she was cooking. 
There is only so much sitting a dog can do, so when they asked if I wanted to help with a skit I jumped at the chance. Here is the video of my acting debut. Look don't you think that I played my part with gusto and virve? 

Carrie: The funny thing is I was doing the dishes in the kitchen when they ran in and said I had to see Truffie in her skit. So she had been playing her part for a good two minutes before I even got there and rolled tape. My first reaction when I saw this is 'WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING MY DOG!' Then I clued into the skit. She played her part really well. Either she was thinking 'these folks are a bit off and I better humor them' or 'maybe next time there will be something'

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