Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At the dog sitters

I dropped Truffie off at the dog sitters today. Actually they are new raisers who need to puppy sit before they can get their own pup. She is a good girl and is fairly mature and I know she will be good, but you always worry about you child behaving while out of your sight.

Truffie is famous for her escapes, my office opens up onto a common room along with 6 other offices. Tuffie has been know to go 'visiting' while I am at the xerox machine or looking for paper. She will stick her head out the door watch me enter the store room and when the door shuts she will take off to visit Auntie Sharon and any spare students hanging around, she always keeps an ear open for me and when she hears me off she runs back to the office 'pretending' to have been there the whole time.

I wonder what she will do to newbie puppy raisers...... wish her luck.

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I'm sure it's always a bit worrisome to send pups to new raisers. I still remember when we were newbies and puppysat for the first time. I'm sure Truffie will do great and come back none the worse for wear--and hopefully, the same will be said for the new raisers and their home!