Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are you sure?

Guide Dog pups have to learn that they can't eat food off the floor. Free floor food can come back to haunt you in very unpleasant ways. So labs being 90% stomach have to learn self -discipline early on in life. Bamboo just started walking around and all sorts of stuff seems to be finding its way into her mouth. This piece of persimmon actually fell on top of her head. Taking advantage of the moment we worked on the leave it command and learning to ignore yummies on the floor.

By her expression you can tell she was questioning my sanity for not eating that sweet smelling snack that had fallen from the sky onto her head.

Bamboo on the floor with a piece of persimmon on the floor in front of her. Her expression  is "Are you sure"

Bamboo sleeping on the floor the food sitting 6 inches from her nose.
Temptation is hard, I think she thought if she stared at it long enough it might leap into her mouth. I eventually threw it away and gave her a big hug for resisting temptation. Not all training goes this well, but we will take wins where we could. 

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Mango said...

Oh the poor dear. Everybody knows that labs must eat constantly. Rocks and dirt will do in a pinch.