Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Truffie turns 2 today!
wow how time has flown, this picture is from her birthday trip to Disneyland last year. We always take the pups to have their silhouette cut, we put her in the chair so the artist could see her, and the whole while her tail was wagging a mile a minute. She loved being the star of the moment. What a ham.

It is hard to believe that she has been a working guide since August, she is loved and living an exciting life as a co-ed - don't think I could have planned it better if I tried. 
Happy Birthday Fuzzy Butt!
Truffie sitting on the floor of the shop, next to her head mom is holding the silhouette we had cut. She has her happy ears on!
A close up the most adorable pup, when she was about 6 months old, something has caught her interest cuz you can see her wrinkled eyebrows. I loved that Truff never got winter nose, where in yellows their noses go pink, she did lose some of her dark pigment, but overall she had the most lovely black nose!
I love this picture, it is Truffie checking out Pluto to see if he is a real dog, but the best part of this is her blurred tail. Sometimes I was afraid her tail would fly off, she would wag her ENTIRE BUTT! Silly Labbie

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Mango said...

Those labradogs sure like to wag their tails. Happy Birthday Truffle!