Thursday, September 13, 2007

Career Changed

The Girls finally settling down for a nap

Ok for those of you not familiar with what that means is that it is a nice way of saying your dog flunked out of training. They don't always funk out for poor performance, sometimes it is for health reasons or temperament. Not everyone is cut out to be a guide dog. Close the 60% fail. Thats what happened to Waffle's sister Tacoma. Now Taco -bell as we called her was very smart -- too smart to want to work for a living, we like to believe that she sized up the situation and figured out where she wanted to be. Which is as a Career Changed dog meant becoming a beloved family pet. Thats our Story and we are sticking to it, hey I mean her new family takes her cross country skiing, to the lake, Santa Barbara, play dates with her favorite friend Henry-- plus she has what she has wanted most in the world... a human child. Well she would have preferred a toddler (they tend to drop more food, and are at an ohhh so convent level for snatching toys from) but the 9 yr old with whom she now is devoted to works just as well. Here are a few shots of when Tacoma came home from GBD before we placed her with her new family.

Waffle is aout 5 months old here with 20 month Tacoma

The Sisters at home Jan '07

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