Thursday, September 13, 2007

The One Who Started It All

Everyone has one in their life.

The one who started it all.... it starts with a little wiggle and then the sloppy kiss and before you know it you're in love. Well for both of Waffles two-legged sisters that pup was Sandy, a sweet tempered cocker mix. Only about 17 lbs, she was the queen of the house. From her own corner of the sofa she ruled over the rest of her human pack, a patient friend who played tea party and dress up. She suffered through rounds of 'beauty salon' and rides in the baby carriage she had the unfortunate luck to be born before the digital age. So all we have to remember her with is bad kodak photos.

Sandy was just a warm up for Sumi, an impulse birthday gift from friends who wanted to steal her from the pet store where she was in the window. Our first lab, she took just under two years to have the entire family trained to her satisfaction. She was kind of like your first child - an easy dog who rarely caused trouble, the one who lulls you into thinking all labs are sweet abiding creatures. We had her for a wonderful 16 years.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of her. I woke her up to take photos with a borrowed Homecoming crown. As you can see she wasn't impressed as I was with the photo shoot.

Here is what she really wanted to do.

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