Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Toys

So Today was a Red Letter Day for the Waffler. She got three new toys. It wasn't really planned, the dog was home with mom and mom felt the need to replace the jolly ball she threw away. One of the three jolly balls the dog had. Ok , Ok two of them had lost the string but just how many jolly balls does one 50lb dog need?

I didn't know this, and while at Target I found a red kong and since she needed a new one (need can be a relative term here), and being the sucker sister that I am I got it for her. So she got her kong when I got home. But the Toy Mania doesn't stop there, we are tired of holding her chew toys for her, so we busted out the nyla ring, which is hilarious. It's great, she can hold her her own toy and we get to laugh at her when she gets it stuck on her head.

Here she is being coy with the camera. She was thrilled with the sudden windfall of toys and promptly had to go outside and engage in a prolonged session of the Labrador shuffle-- which of course brought on the need to "do her business"

By the way do you like her new collar scrunchy? it is Halloween themed. I love it especially b/c it pisses of certain folks.

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