Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pups to Partners

Finally figured this out thanks to Brittney who is raising her GDB pup Hobbs. Here is a link to Hobbs' blog .

Check out this video: Pups to Partners

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Hey here is the dvd slide show that I have been trying to upload to this site. It was made by one of our raisers with a few of our current pups.

Who is who

Waffle - fbl around 5 months in this video, still in training, recall date 12/1/07 - she is the one in the blue bandanna using the blondie as a pillow. She also is in the picture with the running little boy. Which right after that picture was taken- waffle decided to bite one of the 'big' girls tail and took off pulling Braden after her. *sigh* everyone survived.

Tacoma - FBL several photos 9-12 months, cc'd

Eddie / Elieen - FBL around 6 -12 months both cc'd one to Dogs for Diabetics, the other to the K-9 buddies program

Prize- FYL in the pumpkin patch, working guide

Tennyson - MYL on the horse, working guide graduated 10/6

Tabsico / Gallica - MYL / FYL in the stroller - recall date 1/2008

Marinez - MBL currently 6mos, must have been the youngest black lab


Brittany said...

I am glad the video worked for you! Just a little note, Hobbs' name doesn't have an "e" it is just Hobbs.

Pauline said...

And isn;'t it Tabasco, not Tabsico?